Drawing: BOO!!!

Seriously debated posting this, but it’s almost done, so why not. Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!!! 


Drawing: My Birthday and Facts About Me

Today is my birthday!!! And only a few days before Halloween! 

I was almost a Halloween baby but you know how it goes. Oh well, close enough! My nails are orange, the decorations are up, and it’s starting to get super spooky. 

Fall is my favorite season, because the cool weather mixed with the warm colors makes me feel some type of way. I also love all things spooky. My favorite director is Tim Burton, and I have posters of the Nightmare Before Christmas on my wall. Also a surplus of other merch from those movies. I love the Phantom of the Opera more than I can say, and I bought a lot of things from that too. My room basically looks like Jack Skellington lives here and has a daughter. My clothes are usually black white and gray, so is my purse, phone case, etc. But I’m more likely to buy something if there are cats on it. 

I wouldn’t say I’m gothic, although I do love style quite a bit. I’d just like a good horror movie, and I love Halloween. That makes having my birthday so close all the better.

Also, a bit of bat girl progress for reading my ramble. 

Drawing: Working on New Things

Hi all! 

Current mood: Cat snuggles and pizza. 

Lately, I have been back into sitting down with just my sketchbook again, and that’s what the top image is. Even though my artistic level isnt supreme, hanging out with just a small expectation for where it will go always helps me. Somehow, I like this way more than some of my fully completed pieces, even though it’s just pencil. 

Still, sketches don’t serve for nothing, and that’s what I have to remember. Even if I don’t ink and color each and everyone, practicing anotomy and my style is a good use of my time. Plus, there’s less stress to make it perfect, so it’s more fun.

And this is a lil sneaky peek at my Halloween art!! Shhhh too early…

Drawing: Mad Hatter

This has been driving me bonkers…

I don’t hate the way it came out but after I finished her things just stopped working for me. So even though it’s not 100% done, (seeing a trend with me here), I’m calling it quits. 

This is a random drawing of Melanie Martinez from her Mad Hatter video, even though it’s not completely accurate. She’s just so cute and her sense of style always makes me so inspired. Of course her music does as well; she’s a fantastic song writer and really captivates you into her world. So I will probably do more of her in the future, but we’ll see.

Hope you are doing well!

Products I Used:

  • Skin: Copic E000 E00 E02 RV000
  • Hair: Copic R11 R20 R22 E04 E47 E71
  • Eyes: Copic G40 G94 G99 E37
  • Dress: Copic R0000 R00 B63 Y21 V17 RV23 RV25 YG67
  • Ice Cream: Copic YG03 YG13 YG17 RV000 RV02 B00 B02 Y00 Y02 Y08
  • Flowers and Sprinkles: Prismacolor and Crayola Colored Pencils
  • Accents: Copic Colorless Blender Gelly Roll White 
  • Line Art: Faber Castell XS S 
  • How I got this far: caffeine 

Drawing: Eclipsed 

For now, since this is 90% complete, I’m calling it done. 

And wow did it take me forever. To be fair, it wouldn’t have if I didn’t put it off so much, considering the background scared me from finishing it. In the end I actually had fun with the coloring of the skies and stuff. 

So the sun lady has no arm and her face isn’t my favorite, but it was still fun to draw and color her. Moon lady was fun from start to finish.

All in all, this was a good practice, and I like most of how it turned out. 

Products I Used:

  • Moon Hair: Copic BV0000 BV00 YG0000
  • Moon Skin: Copic E000 E00 E11 V000 RV000
  • Moon Eyes: Copic C3 B00 Prismacolor Pencils
  • Moon Clothes: Copic C00 C1 C3 BG0000 BG10 BG11 BG13
  • Moon Jewelry: Copic Y02 C3
  • Moon: V0000 V000 V04 G0000 B0000 Y0000
  • Stars: Prismacolor Pencils 
  • Night Sky: Copic B23 B32 B39
  • Sun Hair: Copic E08 E37 YR04 YR31 YR68
  • Sun Skin: Copic E21 E50 E51 E93 R20
  • Sun Eyes: Copic C3 G00 Prismacolor Pencils 
  • Sun Clothes: Copic Y00 Y02 Y08
  • Sun Jewelry: Copic R22 R27 Y00
  • Sun: YR04 YR12 YR68 Y02 Y15
  • Sky: Copic B00 B24 B32 (Clouds C3)
  • Line Art: Micron 0.1 
  • Accents: Prismacolor Pencils Gelly Roll White Copic Colorless Blender