Drawing: Feeling inspired again…

Where to begin… I’m exhausted these days. Drawing is always fun for me but lately I’ve been so busy the thought of doing it barely crosses my mind. However, I’ve picked up a new hobby in Journaling and Planning. Bujo life.

But recently my old phone which I’ve had for almost seven years finally met an untimely demise. That phone only had 16g of storage which meant I barely could house anything on it. Needless to say this new phone of mine is a power house in comparison. I’m able to draw on my phone again which I haven’t done in years. I will hopefully have many more posts soon. I hope you like this little doodle!

Drawing: Neon Foxtrot Art

Ohhhhh my what have I done. This isn’t how I pictured this one going at all lol. She looks like a funky 80’s dancer. I honestly started using neons for fun but it got out of hand… oh well. The art of no turning back now!

Drawing: Foxtrot Art

I still am not sure where this is going but so far it’s okay. I want to really put more effort in learning coloring techniques which is why there’s a background like this. Wish me luck !

Why am I scared to draw her feet lol.

Drawing: Mermaid Art

Well darn there goes a full nights sleep. Just couldn’t stop for some reason. Mainly this picture is my attempt to add more colored shadows to my drawings to give them more life than just one set of shades. I am no expert but I’m having fun learning. I also used colored liners for the first time. Also I was to attempt a full colored background on this one. We will see how that goes…

Little fishy. 🙂