Drawing: Crayola Challenge Art

I LOVE the colored pencils for coloring! I have a 50 pack that I’ve had for years and now I’m definitely buying the 100 colors. They are so bright and smooth and most importantly they lay down flat color. I hate the picture itself though mainly just her face. I need to work on expressions.

Skin: Peach, Tan, Light Brown, Brown, Salmon
Hair: Yellow, Golden Yellow, Harvest Gold, Bubble pink, Magenta, Raspberry
Shirt: Pale Rose
Bow: Red, Mahogany, Silver
Outline: Lime Green
Narwhal: Aqua Green, Pale Rose, Salmon, Gold, Cool Gray
Cat: Mango, Sky Blue, Dark Brown
Eyes: Aqua Green, Green Blue, Teal

Drawing: Eye sparkle

Same drawing, now with eye sparkles. I’m thinking about doing a crayola challenge tomorrow. With crayons or pencils. Also ordered more art supplies so hopefully they get here okay and I can make another haul post. They are my favorite to be honest lol. Have a lovely day.

I keep forgetting the flower. Darrrrn lol.